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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Israel Bashing Again Because of Settlements While Saudis Frees "Spy" Vulture Plus Other News

EU's Ashton raps Israel for demolishing East Jerusalem hotel - Haaretz

Clinton criticizes latest Israel move on settlements

More nations will recognize Palestinian state, PA says

What you need to know -

AFP: Hariri tribunal to hear general's bid for files

Clinton backs Lebanon tribunal in Hariri meeting
AFP: Clinton urges Gulf to keep focus on Iran sanctions

UN talks over Lebanon border town paralyzed due to Foreign Ministry strike - Haaretz

Saudi Arabia frees vulture suspected of spying for Israel

Israeli academics to boycott settlement college

'IDF mulls deploying anti-mortar system along Gaza border' - Haaretz

Hamas urges militant groups to stop attacking Israel

PM wants gas taxes funds to invest in security, education

The Associated Press: New Israeli military technology speeds up warfare