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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubarak's Intensifying Tumultuous Week Continues As Israel and US Ponder the Future With Egyptian Ally

Mubarak Asks Egypt Government to Resign; Protesters Defy Curfew - Bloomberg

Israel concerned if Mubarak should fall - National Post

Possible Consequences for American-Egyptian-Israeli relationship

Biden: Mubarak Should Not Step Down -

U.S. Toughens Stance on Mubarak; Puts Egypt Aid Under Review

In careful words, White House praises ElBaradei and opposes house arrest - The Canadian Press

Clashes in Cairo Extend Arab World’s Days of Unrest -

Egypt Holds Opposition Leaders, Limits Internet Access to Thwart Protests - Bloomberg

Nobel Peace laureate and ex-IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei returns home, to join protests

Egyptian Nobel laureate ElBaradei in house arrest - Yahoo! News

Mubarak's defense minister bids for US backing in Washington

Muslim Brotherhood joins Egyptian protesters. Three cities locked down

Police threaten, swipe camera from CNN crew in Cairo -

SultanAlQassemi "Censoring some sites is one thing, but how has Egypt unplugged the internet entirely?" Following quotes from this link