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Monday, January 17, 2011

News on Israel: Labor Party Splits As Politics Dominate Israeli Headlines

Barak quits weakened Labor to form own party - Haaretz

Against Netanyahu's orders, Lieberman offers own opinion on Lebanon crisis - Haaretz

Netanyahu aides: Labor Party split will help advance peace talks with Palestinians - Haaretz - Washington hints at Mideast veto

IDFSpokesperson 15 IDF officers visit LA to tell first-hand accounts of incidents incl. being onboard the Marmara -

Qassam rocket explodes in western Negev,7340,L-4014645,00.html

BERNAMA - India Plans Use Of Israeli Spy Satellites For Coastal Surveillance

Israel Aerospace Industries delivers 12 UAVs to Russia in key deal -

IDF to create flying, swimming field hospitals

Germany to re-arrest Mossad agent (allegedly involved in the Dubai Assassination)

The Associated Press: Israeli PM: Tunisia reflects regional instability
Medvedev heads to West Bank, Jordan to revive talks