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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Putin Wary of EU, Poland, Georgia, Church Goers and Medvedev

Vladimir Putin 'to be targeted by EU sanctions' - Telegraph

Poland Blames Controllers for Fatal Plane Crash -

Russia Looks Askance at Georgia's US-Focused Charm Campaign

Church Official Calls for ‘All-Russian Dress Code’ - - China and Russia main sellers of US Treasuries

Putin Should Shun Presidency to Avoid Tunisia Fate, Medvedev Adviser Says - Bloomberg

Russia preparing new energy security doctrine

Dmitry Medvedev restates Russian support for Palestinian state | The Guardian

Russia Could Start Buying Spanish Debt Again - EFE

Russia delays U.N. vote on Ivory Coast troops - envoys

Afghan president to visit Russia Jan.20-21 | RIA Novosti

Ex-CIA officer who spied for Russia from jail faces more time