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Friday, January 14, 2011

Saudis and Taliban Tackle the Issue of Educating Girls Plus Other Security News

BBC News - Afghan Taliban 'end' opposition to educating girls

Saudis oppose marriages that enable girls to travel

U.S. again urges North Korea to meet its obligations

Regional risks make U.S.-Japan ties even more key, Gates says

Yemeni students will be able to enroll in Turkish universities

AP Interview: Somalia's PM says 8,000 troops will start attacking al-Qaida and insurgents soon

AFP: Bulgarian helicopter crew kidnapped in Sudan

Sadr's followers demand Biden stay away from Iraq

AFP: 12 'Qaeda members' escape Iraq prison

The Press Association: Jordanians protest at rising prices

The Canadian Press: Egyptian prosecutors charge off-duty policeman in killing of Christian man on train this week

The Canadian Press: Greece formally joins Nazi damages claim at international court

BBC News - Hungary in EU presidency 'history' carpet row