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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Somali Pirate's Aggressive Enterprise Expansion While Mikati Defends Lebanese Reign Plus Other Security News

U.S. Military: Somali Pirates Expanding Their Range - Washington Wire - WSJ

Somali govt must respect August end of mandate: UN | Reuters

Mikati says he is 'consensus' candidate - World Report - World -

The No-Fly List: FBI Says It's Smaller Than You Think : NPR

Former CIA officer accused of leaking secrets wins pretrial release

Afghan Christian given one week to renounce Christianity

Secret Service Training Enhanced By 3D Gaming Tech -- Training -- InformationWeek

Obama backs Seoul and demands North Korea give up nukes

PrimorisEra Obama Team Eyes Saudi Nuclear Trade Deal Without Nonproliferation Terms // #news #defnese #armscontrol #MiddleEast

Twitter Says Access to Service in Egypt Is Blocked - Businessweek

ChristianPost Nepal Christians Fight for Burial Rights

Gaddafi fears foreign meddling in Tunisia turmoil
IMF: Europe poses the key risk to global economy - Political Economy