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Friday, January 28, 2011

Victim List of Rising Food Prices

Economic experts in Davos has been sounding the alarm on rising food prices around the world. But how much of an impact is it really doing right now? Sometimes it would be appropriate to take this warning piece by piece and see what food prices are now doing to different countries which are being largely affected. The following news stories shows how serious food inflation can be and most of them are just beginning to feel the pinch of this problem.

Food prices played a role in Tunisian government's fall

Sarkozy targets transparency to tame food prices

Jordanians protest against soaring food prices

2 Killed, Hundreds Injured in Algerian Food Riots

Indonesia suspends rice, soybean duties to combat inflation

New Zealand - World's high prices eat into Kiwi food budgets

Davos WEF 2011: China food price inflation is structural and a threat to growth, warns McKinsey

India Food Prices Stay High

German government revises growth forecast for 2011; Food prices on the rise

Why Egypt's government is stockpiling food

WFP agrees to fund $77 million for Yemen's food security

Soaring Food Prices Hit Lebanon

Morocco Imported $4B In Food Commodities In 2010