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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Q & A: If you were the US where would you stay, in Iraq or Afghanistan?

On my Twitter and Facebook Page, I posted this question.

Q: If you were the US where would you stay, in Iraq or Afghanistan (choose only 1) and why?

Here are my own thoughts:
With Iran's vigor for Iraq, I am beginning to think Iraq would be a better alternative for US troops. If terrorism is a concern, Russia will fight it off in Afghanistan but if Russia succeeds, then that is another problem.

Answers from Our Friends:
M.E. Leclerc chooses Iraq and here is her well thought of argument.

B'Emet Or lol......beyond 2014......more like forever....... 
We'll be in Iraq forever as well........but I do like the fact that Russia will be returning to Afghanistan to help (thats what I've heard) that ought to scare the shit out of the extremists...

I don't think we'll be scared, more like we'll be encouraged by seeing the poor status of their gear.
I welcome the Russians to the theater of war.....Putin and his boys will strike more fear than Obama does........

If I were to choose the easy road I'd pick Iraq. If we are allowed to unleash the dogs of war, I'd pick Afghanistan, its the crossroads of the world for terrorists......I'd step up drone attacks even more in the valleys of pakistain, and route the Tali's and AQ out of Afghanistan......the regular people there want peace as much as the Iraqi's, its their gov't that is so corrupt....start by cleaning house.....

 Ali Al-Khalifa 

It would make sense to stay in Iraq. Oil security, protect US allies (Israel, Gulf), contain Iran/Syria. Whats in Afghanistan?

Elyssa Durant okay-- if i HAD to choose I suppose Iraq because the US claims to be on it's way out as compared with Afghanistan where we are sending more troops. 1400 I believe...

Crystal Turner Afghanistan... I'm not exactly sure why

Jackie VanRooyen Iraq. There was a plan, an engaged CIC, and a country with a desire for peace. Afghanistan is corrupt, chaotic, and this CIC has an aversion to "victory". Our troops deserve better

 Afghanistan. So as to not provide free meter for Taliban in Pakistan, and the AQ just leeching off 'accidental' guerrillas.

 Afghan...that is where all the poppy production is plus a wealth of natural resources & minerals & is close to the one of the most dangerous, volatile and corrupt countries, Pakistan

 Definitely Iraq, to contain both Iran and AQAP

 I support our military 100% but I'm not convinced that US should be in either places & wld like to see our troops come home

coppernickel119 It sure is tempting to shoot from the hip, which means it's a good thing I don't run anything. That's one of the problems w/ opinion polls

Les DeGroff None of the above!! Lets (the US) back away from imperial over seas occupations. 

Consider, perhaps rather than decade plus occupations and imagined nation building and the real pocket picking corruption we just pull out, with a promise of "shock and awe" and "sudden death from the sky" if they become sanctuary for terror or serious international problems.
With the new model of Sudan, perhaps we could do a very inhuman thing and work on a divide for influence approach to Africa, till there are a thousand city states and tribalist based governments. Circling back here, that is Afghanistan by its situations for several hundred years, and Iraq could be several nations based on affiliations if not for the echos of Euro colonial decisions and WWI.

Alexander Kaltchev According to the history, it is where the expected financial benefits are biggest.

Kader Beneddine First, the US should never have invaded illegally Irak as the UN was against it. For Afghanistan, the situation there is different and yet very complex. Instead of spending 500 billions per year for the weapon industry, if 10% could go to help the Economy and Institutions of that country, I would say "Yes, please help them... as long as the people of Afghanistan want it"!