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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Is Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and What Does He Think of Hezbollah?

Who is Najib Mikati? Well he is a billionaire and he has supported Hezbollah before during israel's battle with the latter in 1999. The following links provide a glimpse of  the current Lebanon Prime Minister.

Mikati Thinks of Hezbollah as a Resistance and not a Militia in 2005
"Our terminology -- Hezbollah -- is not a militia. It's a resistance ... and there is a difference between resistance and militia," Mikati said.

Hezbollah should not be disarmed.
"But Prime Minister Mikati said that he does not believe forces such as Hezbollah must be disarmed in order to comply with the resolution. "In fact, 1559 calls for the Lebanese militia and we consider Hezbollah 'resistance' approved by April understanding 1996," he said."
Source: Lebanese Prime Minister Welcomes UN Election Observers (2005)

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