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Monday, January 31, 2011

Why the Obama Administration is Dropping the Ball in Recent Uprisings?

Not yet fully recovered from the Hezbollah backed uprising in Lebanon, the Obama administration has fumbled and now dropping the ball again and again as furious changes are happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Yemen and possibly in other countries as well. Even the intelligence community did not see it coming as well. Why has this happened in a span of just two weeks?

The problem is that this did not just happen in such a short time. The underlying reason was the same in the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the eventual growth of terrorism in this century so far. The Western governments has refused to see the problem to what it really is, a religious war!

The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt could have been really started by legitimate concerns and longing for freedom, that is fine since no well meaning society would not support such aspirations. But what America and the rest of the western world has failed to take into account is that unlike past peaceful calls for a change of government, these protests has wolves waiting in the dark. Unlike other peaceful revolutions in the streets, the recent uprisings have a chilling factor in the midst, radical Islam! It is their goal to turn countries into Islamic states and then world domination. If the US truly acknowledges this it should have kept an eye to possible dangers and if indeed uprisings happen they could have done something to prevent radical Islamists from taking advantage of the situation.

People in today's western governments and fueled by the secular media fail to see this and laugh at such a notion. But the evidences so far in recent uprisings shows radical Islam waiting in the wings. An Islamist leader, is now back in Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood supports a secular leader which in turn has branded them as 'moderates'. The dots are too easy not to connect!

Watching CNN and BBC, there is a great amount of admiration for the uprising and just as fast in waving off the dangers of radical Islam just because the Muslim Brotherhood joins elections. Hamas joined and won the elections and after that regularly sends rockets to Israel!

In peaceful revolutions you have a sense of what will happen and there is hope of brighter things to come even though it takes a long time to get there. In these recent weeks, these protests just brought more and more uncertainty and fear for the future.