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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amid Increased Global Terror and Turmoil, US Will Cut Military Budget

Gates Warns of `Serious Disruptions' If Military Budget Passage Is Delayed - Bloomberg

igeldard Mullen Informs Congress: Afghan Violence to Worsen in 2011
US feared terrorism from Pakistani-Norwegians / The Foreigner

BA worker held 'secret meeting' with associate at Heathrow, terrorism trial told - Telegraph

Man Tied to Hamas Must Go Despite Torture Fears

Italy: al Qaeda will exploit North African migrant flood -

Dar Al-Ifta denies backing Al-Qaeda

20 killed in Tanzania military blasts -

Galleon Probers Trailed Rajaratnam Through Tips, Tamils and Taps - Bloomberg

Pakistan court delays immunity ruling on U.S. prisoner | Reuters

RantsbyRemnant RT @persecutionblog: Pastor Beaten While Praying for Eight Year Old Boy Please RT

South Sudan clashes force 20,000 to flee: official - AFP

Renegade militia kills over 200 in S.Sudan: officials | Reuters