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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amnesty International Sides With Terrorists While Israel and Indonesia On the Offensive

JewishChron Amnesty 'aligns with terrorists' to support Hizbollah spy #Israel #terror #Hizbollah

Pakistan - in the last 9 years while 13,972 women have been murdered

slkbrooke Mice trained for airport security - being trained to detect would-be bombers and drug couriers at airports #tcot

Senior Cleric in Indonesia Is Charged With Terrorism

European Commission proposes complete passenger data system to fight terrorism - Oneindia News

Islamic Somali Militants Confiscate Christian Farms « Persecution News

Bomb explodes in Baghdad, killing 2 people -

A Radical Muslim Experiences the Love of Jesus Christ

Germany ends extra anti-terrorism police patrols after 2 months - Monsters and Critics

(India) Islamic Terrorists Deploy The Special Ink

BBCWorld Danish cartoonist attacker guilty