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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arab Uprising Fallout: Israel Concern About Developments While Protests and Elections Plans Spread

Fallout from uprising could last, Netanyahu

Israeli Military Supports Egyptian Troops

US response to Egypt draws criticism in Israel - The Associated Press

Canada's cautious position on Egypt linked to support for Israel - Winnipeg Free Press

Hezbollah cell members escape from Egyptian prison, report | Ya Libnan |

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'

ElBaradei: Democratic Egypt won't be anti-Israel, US But what about this?

Russian Tourists Refuse to Leave Egypt | News | The Moscow Times

slkbrooke Iran, China Block Outside Sites to Muzzle Mideast News #tcot

Protests start in Yemen, despite concession from president -

Government supporters, opponents rally in Yemen

U.S. praises Kazakh leader for skipping referendum | Reuters

Hamas plans to boycott upcoming PA elections

Why isn't the PA supporting the Egypt uprising? - Haaretz

Heritage Thanks for reading! RT @secupp: Good from @Heritage "Top Five Lessons from the Fight for Freedom in Egypt"

John McCain has rare one-on-one with Barack Obama

King of Jordan Meets with Muslim Brotherhood 

Algeria ends 19-year state of emergency | Reuters