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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gaddafi and Jihadists in a Power Struggle But Does the West Understand the Situation?

Jihadist Opportunities in Libya | STRATFOR

Gaddafi links protesters to bin Laden |

Gaddafi says protesters are on hallucinogenic drugs | Reuters

Obama talks Libya with leaders of France, Italy, UK -

U.S. Supports Expelling Libya From UN Rights Council - Bloomberg

UN Security Council Condemns Violence in Libya

Obama condemns Gaddafi's crackdown, sends Clinton for talks on Libya

The East African:  - News |AU to send investigation team to Libya

BBC News - Libya protests: Gaddafi embattled by opposition gains

Libya unrest may unleash wave of 350,000 migrants: Italy - The Times of India

PA, Hamas fear Gaddafi will attack Palestinians in Libya