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Monday, February 28, 2011

Iran Shows Hate to the US. Azerbaijan, Man-Made Islands and the 2012 Olympic Logo

'Iran, Egypt, Syria can finish US'

RantsbyRemnant Iran and Syria agree on military training cooperation

AFP: Azerbaijan fears neighbour Iran's radical influence

tehran times : Man-made islands in Persian Gulf could create tension: Iranian general

Fars News Agency :Syrian DM: Iranian Navy's Presence in Syria Signifies Tehran's Power

Iran objects to London 2012 Olympics logo, claiming it spells word 'Zion' - The Canadian Press

Unbelievable - David Cameron rebukes Liam Fox over 'bigging up' of Iran's nuclear ambitions - Telegraph

tehran times : Conference on Islamic awakening held in Tehran

AFP: Iran shrugs off shutdown of nuclear plant

Iran seeks to advance ties with Kenya

AFP: US: detention of Iranian opposition figures 'unacceptable'