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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Israel Mired in Political Bickering Amidst Real Security Concerns

Kadima unveils new campaign attacking Netanyahu

Lieberman: We may have to dissolve government - Israel News, Ynetnews

U.S. official: Israel's actions in East Jerusalem go against Mideast peace efforts - Haaretz

NATO offers troops if Israel, Palestinians make peace

Possible US Presidential Candidate Barbour to Israel: We're with you, and glad you're with us

President Abbas Meets with Spanish Foreign Minister

Dutch news - Abbas to Visit the Netherlands

IDF strikes in Gaza after mortar fire,7340,L-4025917,00.html

DannyAyalon Met with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights this morning and asked why the UN Human Rights...

PA paying salaries to Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails

Israeli Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Rabbi Who Supported Book Justifying Killing of Non-Jews Religion Clause