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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Analysis: What Should Obama Do With Libya?

At this point the US should do nothing. In fact it should have been very careful with its words from the very start and should not have toyed with the idea of a No-Fly Zone from the very start since the repercussions of such a strategy are unknown at the moment.

The Libyan situation can be classified as choosing between the lesser evil. No doubt about it, Gaddafi has done many evil things and continue to do so in this Libyan unrest but there is another side to this question which has not been tackled enough or with even a hint of clarity, and that is should the opposition be supported? What if this anti-Gadaffi movement wins? Are we sure that we are going to have democracy at that country? Gaddafi has been saying that it is Al-Qaeda which is behind this movement, has there been any investigation which negates the dictators accusation?

The question then becomes, which is better then a Libya under Gaddafi or Al-Qaeda? We don't need to think too much of the answer. Gaddafi was indeed a terrorist but since 2003 he has mellowed down and even thrown away his WMDs. While Al-Qaeda is on a rampage to kill every human that doesn't agree with its brand of Islam.

What the United States should do now is to quietly observe the developments. Find certain elements in the protesters which want genuine democracy and when everything has clamed down, quietly support and strengthen this group. Right now such a group is weak in a chaotic Libyan world after Gaddafi and can easily be overtaken by radical elements. But in the future who knows?

At this point Obama should quietly watch in the sidelines and carefully watch out for potential a true ally in Libya.