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Sunday, March 20, 2011

As Bombardment Intensifies Is Support for the Libyan Air Strike Suddenly Waning?

Cyprus says against use of British bases for Libya | Reuters

Russia calls for end to 'indiscriminate' bombing of Libyan targets endangering civilians - Canadian Press

Arab League Now Backing Down on Libyan Strike?

CNN (Announced on TV) - Arab League Clarifies it Still Supports No-Fly Zone in Libya

Israel Supports But Will not be a part of Libyan Intervention

France sends aircraft carrier to join Libya campaign - The Times of India - Benghazi advance halted by French strikes

Libya Strikes Raise Risks of Oilfield Shutdowns, Reprisals - Bloomberg

Turkish PM urges Gaddafi to step down, end bloodshed | Reuters
Gadhafi Forces Seize Italian Ferry in Tripoli -
Nation Leaders to Hold Emergency Meeting as Libyan Rebels Shoot Down Plane -

BBC News - Libya: Pro-Gaddafi forces enter rebel-held Benghazi