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Monday, March 14, 2011

CNN's Biased Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Shows While Hamas and Fatah Distances from the Itamar Murders

Israel demands CNN apology over attack coverage

IsraelNewsfeed Terror Victims Groups Calls for Death Penalty for Terrorists:

Residents of Itamar settlement: 'Price tag' isn't even part of our lexicon - Haaretz

Hamas: No connection between Gaza groups and West Bank murdering - People's Daily Online

Mahmoud Abbas Condemns Killing of Jewish Family -

Israel Matzav: Why the Itamar terror attack happened

Missing IDF soldier's body found near Ben Shemen forest

Jerusalem_Post Lieberman: Hamas waiting to pounce on Fatah: Foreign minister says Hamas more powerful than Fatah, waiting for i...

IsraelNewsfeed Police Arrest 97 Illegal Arabs in TA:

Cuba sentence for Jewish aid worker draws US ire