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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morocco Gets Thumbs-Up for Promised Reforms While Eve of Saudi Arabia's "Day of Rage" Turns Deadly

Moroccan king's reform pledges draw high praise

Saudi Arabia: "Day of Rage" Friday, oil prices spike, witness says gunfire at protest

Saudi protest dispersed by police, shots heard | Reuters

AFP: Hamas appoints first female minister in reshuffle

Hamas appoints foreign minister for first time in cabinet reshuffle - Haaretz

AFP: ElBaradei sets conditions for presidential run

Yemeni president offers plan to amend constitution

Algeria Oil Minister Says No Need for OPEC Emergency Meeting - Bloomberg

U.S. warns of imminent terror attack in Mali -

UN Chief: Somalia Needs Urgent Attention |

Ivory Coast's Gbagbo bans overflights from U.N., France -