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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NATO About to Take Control of Costly Libyan Intervention As China and Russia Continues to Voice Their Opposition

NATO to take control in Libya after US, UK and France reach agreement | The Guardian

No-fly zone cost could hit $1 billion in months: analysts | Reuters

foxheadlines WORLD: China calls for immediate cease-fire in Libya

West attack on Libya could fuel terrorism: Russia - Times LIVE

Putin Denies Dispute With Medvedev on Russia Libyan Policy - Bloomberg

Arab League: Support back on board, but consensus remains far from firm - The Independent

Several Arab states to join coalition, U.S. official says -

U.S. Air Force fighter crashes in Libya | Reuters

ynetnews #israel Second crewman from crashed US jet in Libya rescued:

US says goal is to get Gaddafi to step down - Channel NewsAsia