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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terrorism News: Terror Activities and Vulnerabilities Seen But Key Radicals Arrested and Charged

Greek police detain 7 suspects linked to domestic terrorism group - People's Daily Online
At least 130 witnesses in Abu Bakar Bashir terrorism trial | Herald Sun

Philippines - Top terror suspect falls -

New Vision Online : Busia Police arrest 22 over terrorism

Nursing student charged with funding Stockholm suicide bomber - Telegraph

intelwire TV reports: Small mail bomb goes off in Indonesia's capital, 4 wounded #Intelwire

Oxygen masks in airplane bathrooms: Terrorism risk? - The Week

Dobroyeutro Former NSA, CIA Chief: Declassify Cyber Vulnerabilities:

Sheikh's British palace staff worked in 'culture of fear' - Telegraph

AFP: US, Norway, Britain want Sudan talks to resume