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Thursday, March 24, 2011

US Says No Al-Qaeda in Libyan Opposition as Obama Gets War Support at Home and Abroad

Hope this is true - U.S. finds no organized Al Qaeda presence in Libya opposition, officials say -

Libya's Terrorism Option | STRATFOR

US suggests Gaddafi aides exploring way out of crisis - Channel NewsAsia

Obama Rules Out Land Invasion of Libya as Qaddafi's Compound Is Hit Again -

Poll: 60% of Americans support military action in Libya - Haaretz

AFP: Medvedev tells Obama to avoid civilian casualties in Libya

Libya operation 'may last weeks' - The Press Association
Tunisia freezes Gaddafi family assets-govt source | Reuters

Libya ignoring ceasefire order: UN chief

French jets destroy Libyan aircraft, target arms flow

Libya Conflict May Spur Sales of Battle-Proven Eurofighter Jet - Bloomberg

Sudan allows overflights for Libya ops- diplomats | Reuters

The Daily Star - Britain plans for regime change in Libya