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Monday, April 4, 2011

Egypt Now Talks Tough Against Israel While Hamas and PA Could Be Sharing 'Operations Room'

Egypt: Israel must pay us back for gas - Ynetnews

tehran times : ElBaradei says if Israel attacks Gaza Egypt will counterattack: website

American-backed PA shares 'operations room' with terrorist Hamas - WND

Hamas said to deploy SAMs from Iran, China

'Kidnapped' engineer indicted over Hamas rockets - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Israel government unveils counter-cyberterrorism unit

Merkel, Netanyahu likely to discuss Iran bank-source | Reuters

Sino-Israel trade boosted for mutually benefits

Israel arms exports topped $7.3b in 2010 - Globes

Israeli tourism surprisingly buoyant - Israel Travel, Ynetnews

Israel solidifies standing as patent power - Israel News, Ynetnews