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Thursday, April 7, 2011

US Fights Local Terrorism As Technology Used as a Weapon Against Radicals Plus Other Security News

Feds think man aided terror suspects through Texas | AP Texas News | -

FBI's Mueller: U.S. 'On Guard' Against Possible Libya Terror Attacks - ABC News

Critics Call N.Y.C. Terror Hearing Anti-Muslim -

Can Nano-Ink Blot Out Terrorist Attacks?

Cambridge ‘see-through-walls’ technology to counter Olympics terrorist threat

How to Tell if Your Neighbor is a Bombmaker | STRATFOR

Succession speculation as NKorea parliament meets -

South Korea: Lee formally appoints two deputy spy chiefs | YONHAP NEWS

War News Updates: US Believes That Pakistan Lack's A Plan To Defeat The Taliban

Terrorist arrested from Islamabad

VeritableSaint Bravo Zulu RT @JoLo219: #ISAF captures al Qaeda's top #Kunar commander - The Long War Journal #natsec #Afghanistan #WOT

UK: Suspect from terrorist family has control order lifted - Telegraph

Indonesia is Still a ‘Haven for Terrorists:’ Ansyaad | The Jakarta Globe