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Friday, May 13, 2011

Arab Uprising Fallout: Russia Sees Syria Turning Into Libya While Muslim Brotherhood Seeks Egyptian Leadership

AFP: Russia warns West against 'Libya scenario' in Syria

Qatari military advisers on the ground, helping Libyan rebels get into shape - The Washington Post

AU Envoy: North Africa Uprisings Crippling Somalia Rebels |

Flood of North African refugees to Italy ends EU passport-free travel - The Independent

U.N. Agency Prepares to Resume Aid to Libya Even if Qaddafi Remains in Power -

AFP: Britain summons Syrian envoy, warns of new sanctions

Australia ramps up sanctions against Syria -

Iraq protests: In Baghdad's Tahrir Square, protests have sleepy-town feel -

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Pursues Egypt's Presidency -

Qatar bails out of Yemen pact, citing 'procrastination' -
Gulf countries welcome bid from Jordan, Morocco to join GCC bloc.