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Monday, May 30, 2011

British Prime Minister Leaves Jewish Group While Egyptian Nazis and Terrorists, Turkey, Canadian Activists and Jimmy Carter Target Israel

David Cameron resigns as patron of the Jewish National Fund | The Guardian

Elder of Ziyon: Arab Spring: new Nazi party in Egypt

Netanyahu warns Egypt losing control of growing terror groups in Sinai - Haaretz

THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS: Christians Worry That Egypt Being Hijacked By Islamists

AFP: Canadians to join Gaza flotilla despite warnings

Abbas meets with Islamic Jihad leaders

CAMERA: Carter Misrepresents Longstanding U.S. Policy, U.N. Resolution 242

Turkey defers naming new ambassador to Israel - Ynetnews

Israel Matzav: Scottish Council: We didn't ban Israeli books, only books printed in Israel

Netanyahu clarifies: Ties with Iran forbidden - Israel News, Ynetnews

DannyAyalon If this succeeds, millions of people will go around with an Israeli chip in their eye.

Netanyahu denies authorizing Ofer business ties with Tehran