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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama Insists on '1967 Borders' Sends Israel Into Turmoil As Netanyahu Says No Way

Obama Israeli -Pa; Palestinian Talks Should Be Based on 1967 borders

WARNING TO THE NATIONS: DON’T DIVIDE THE LAND OF ISRAEL — Epicenter Conference messages now available on-line

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Obama gets Netanyahu Israeli history lecture. Transcript. - Lynn Sweet

What rankled Netanyahu in the Obama speech

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Daled Amos: Abbas's New Law Provides "Social Security" For Terrorists In Prison
Kremlin confirms it supports creation of Palestine state within 1967 borders - GlobalTimes

Elder of Ziyon: Hamas responds to Obama: "We will never recognize Israel"

San Francisco Sentinel » Palestinians to push UN recognition bid in September despite Obama’s caution
Barak urges PM to form 'daring' peace initiative - Ynetnews

US adds Gaza group to terrorism list |

Turkish president pressures Hamas to recognize Israel

Israeli spy sought details of Russian-Arab military deals - FSB | RIA Novosti

Bibireport Rasmussen poll: 71% Americans Say Palestinians must be required to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state

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