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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Britain Won't Give Money to Greece As Crisis Worsens While US and Italy Faces Critical Debt Levels

No British cash to bail out Greece, says David Cameron - Telegraph

A Quick Guide To Who Gets Crushed If Greece Defaults
slkbrooke Greek PM Warns of "Financial Catastrophe" ~ Sky News

EU Vows to Rescue Greece in Exchange for Cuts - Bloomberg

Greece prepares to sell off state assets to get loans -

Greek debt crisis: Europe delays $17-billion bailout payment to Greece -

CBO Says U.S. Debt May Exceed Size of Economy by 2021

Poll Shows More Americans Say They Are Worse Off Than 2 Years Ago -

Moody’s Warns Italy Over Debt as Eurozone Contagion Fears Spread | Advisor One

Group of 20 Agrees on Steps to Mitigate Food Price Swings -

Magnitude-6.7 earthquake hits Japan -