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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Israel Gets Ready for War and Determined on Stopping Flotilla

Sirens go off around Israel as security drill goes national - Haaretz Daily

Netanyahu: Israel must relinquish parts of the West Bank - Haaretz

Ya'alon: Israel won't apologize for flotilla raid - Ynetnews

Israel "determined" to stop new Gaza-bound flotilla: UN envoy

Israel Spy Razeq Sentenced To Twenty-Five Years In Jail | ThirdAge

Egypt: Israeli 'spy' fluent in Arabic - Ynetnews

Israel served as ‘main course’ at EU dinner, official says
10 Things You Should Know About the Gospel

Obama tells Jewish donors that U.S.-Israel disagreements are only 'tactical' - Haaretz

Bloomberg’s mother leaves rich legacy of Israel advocacy