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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Palestinians Now Wants Talks Based on Obama's 1967 Speech But Abbas Having Second Thoughts of UN September Adventure

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Chief Palestinian Negotiator - No Talks Unless Israel Accepts Obama Formula

'Palestinians expressing second thoughts over UN path'

AFP: Senators oppose Israel return to 1967 lines

Weasel Zippers » Former British MP George Galloway Calls For Eradication Of Israel

Al Jazeera Cleared of Aiding Hezbollah Attack

Two Majdal Shams residents indicted over Naksa Day events - Haaretz

Israel Matzav: Two 'Palestinian' teens who slaughtered Fogel family are proud of what they did
In Santa Monica, Circumcision Opponent Abandons Efforts |
RantsbyRemnant RT @RodneyStack_me: RT @DannyAyalon: Recounting ‘Farhud’ that ended 2,400 years of Iraqi Jewry
(Presidential Candidate) Herman Cain to attend Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally -