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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turkey Quits Gaza Flotilla Group But Israel Continues Military Drills and Infest Hezbollah with Spies

Turkish boat drops out of Gaza flotilla - The Boston Globe

Israel Launches 5-Day Civil Defense Drill |

THE DAILY STAR : Israel to conduct military drills on Lebanese border

intellwar #Hezbollah shocked over number of Israeli spies within its ranks #Israel #mossad

Toronto residents prepare to set sail for Gaza -

What does it mean that Jesus is our mediator?

Former Mossad chief asked to return diplomatic passport - Haaretz

Egypt: Shalit will disappear unless Israel compromises with Hamas - Haaretz

Palestinian shot trying to stab Israel soldier: army

Israel offers prisoner exchange for Ilan Grapel - Haaretz
PM: Stop treating Palestinians like a ‘spoiled child’