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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CNN's National Security Debate - The Search for a Commander-in-Chief

CNN has been bashed in the past GOP debates of asking cute or senseless questions but this time the Republican constituency were in for a surprise. The National Security Debate yesterday was one of the most exciting, thought provoking and revealing discussion among presidential candidates in a long time. I don't think CNN even did this for the Democratic party. In this debate we come to know who has the goods of being commander in chief of the all powerful United States of America. Anybody can talk about the economy but very few have full grasp of national security.

In this debate we see that Bachman and Gingrich know their stuff when it comes to foreign policy. These two candidates gave the most realistic assessment of American foreign policy which is now lost in the Obama administration. Bachman scored well on the policy as regards to Pakistan while Gingrich defended the Patriot Act very well. Santorum gave a good account of the handle of the global view as well but I thought he was not very specific on certain strategies. Huntsman is in his element as but when it comes down to realism he pales in comparison to the Gingrich and Bachman.

The most dangerous person in the group is Ron Paul. We have seen this before in pre-World War II American isolationist policy. A policy which encouraged the likes of Hitler and Stalin on a rampage of terror . Paul's assessments are unrealistic and detrimental to the world which is facing the prospect of a nuclear Iran and isolated Israel.

In the end the most important question was put out there on what issue that has been less discussed which the American people should look out for. The answers were varied but one thing that was not said or ignored was the re-emergence of Russia. Russia is now consolidating the former territories of the Soviet Union and will be of paramount concern whether Obama stays in office or one of the Republican candidates gets the key to the White House.