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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Georgia's Plea for Help - Putin is Reviving the Soviet Union

Georgia is asking the western world to open its eyes and see what Russia's Prime Minister is really up to. After the 2008 Georgia-Russia War, Putin is now endorsing a Eurasian Union which will consist of the the former USSR territories which broke away after the collapse of the former.

"It is a demonstration of Putin’s real intentions. We have been telling our friends from the West – Putin said several years ago that he thought the dissolution of the Soviet Union was the biggest tragedy of the 20th century and he demonstrated through his policy that he is going to restore somehow this entity. And now they have come to the point where they are openly saying this."


Putin has obviously made no qualms that he wants the Soviet Union back. The West however is distracted with crucial issues which threatens its very survival. The threat from a nuclear Iran, terrorism and now the global economic slowdown. The West probably think that Russia may have such designs but it may deem it as a problem of the distant future and is not the main concern right now. Furthermore; it doesn't need a kind of Russia now which throws its full weight in supporting a nuclear Iran. The only problem with this train of thought is that will it wait until Russia is back to its former power and starts another round of Cold War hostilities.