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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Uneven Treatment in the Middle East Talks

Everyone is in uproar over the settlement announcement in Israel accusing it as illegal and ill-timed.

An Israeli government minister has apologised to the United States' vice-president for embarrassing him by announcing plans for new Jewish settler homes during his visit to the region.
"Israel says sorry for settlement announcement" by Anne Barker

Meanwhile on the other side, the Palestinian Authority is about to honor a terrorist and no one seems to care since it won't be announced until Joe Biden leaves.

The Palestinian Authority decided Wednesday to postpone a ceremony naming Ramallah's central square after Dalal Al-Mughrabi, a female terrorist who carried out a deadly terror attack on an Israeli bus in 1978.
"PA won't honor terrorist, for now" by Ali Waked

You begin to wonder why building settlements on a disputed area is more horrendous to the global media and to some world leaders than some group honoring a certified terrorist? The latter receives very little news coverage and zero condemnation from everyone at this point.

The Israeli settlement announcement is legality is still in dispute but one can say that it is ill advised at this point. But that as well is a matter of debate. But when you talk about somebody killing innocent lives and proclaiming them as a hero by the Palestinian Authority, that is a different matter altogether. Dalal Mughrabi, the terrorist being talked about here killed 37 people, 10 of which were children!

Isn't there something terribly wrong in this picture?