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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost All The Data is in but Where is the Iranian Strategy?

The United States has now too much data on Iran which is of great substance. Analysts worth their salt can not only just point the numbers but most of all the intentions and implications of a nuclear powered Iranian regime. Just take a look at this assessment from the Pentagon:

A new U.S. Defense Department report on Iran's military power says the country continues to pursue nuclear weapons and ballistic missile capabilities, and to sponsor violent groups in several parts of the world.

You now begin to wonder why there seems to be no more urgency for crippling sanctions? Biden said that sanctions could come this May but what kind of sanction will it be then? Just this week, the US even says that a military strike is out of the question in the near term.

So we have all the information, Iran is developing military weapons capability including nuclear varieties. Plus it supports terror around the world. In fact we've known all these things for years now.

The only good news is that they "think" Iran will not directly attack the US. Is this good news? The terrorist activities are bleeding the US economy dry by fighting multiple wars. It is killing Americans. Another thing is that it is crippling US allies. When the allies are all tired and weary, who do you think they will strike next?