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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Does America Still Want Israel As A Friend?

Now it can obviously be told, the mainstream media does not reflect the sentiments of America as a whole. The only problem is that, the Obama administration seems to be governing based on the views of secular TV, newspapers, radio and the internet.

In a latest poll which seems to in complete opposition to what the media is splashing on every form of news or entertainment out there more Americans, feel that the White House is mishandling the Israeli-Arab situation.

A national Quinnipiac University survey found that 44 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, with 35% approving, the poll’s only foreign policy question with negative results.

Overall, 66% of those polled said he should be a strong supporter of Israel, with only 19% saying he shouldn’t.

Read and watch every big time news organization (except for Fox News) and the political commentary about Israel in Hollywood movies or TV shows. It is as if the whole of United States is up in arms over Israel. This is a reflection of how opposite surveys or referendum results usually are when it comes to media reporting on social issues. It is as if the mainstream media is trying to force its issues on the American people.

Christians have always been accused in this part of the world of ramming down the Gospel message into the throats of Americans and of the world. I hope the public is beginning to understand who is actually forcing things into their minds. Stuff they don't actually believe in or can't even stomach and then make it seem as if this is the default picture of America.