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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Confusion as to The Syrian Scuds

The United States and Israel were up in arms when the story first broke out that Syria has been giving Scud Missiles to Hezbollah which can be very dangerous to Israel. Today three conflicting reports surfaced about this scud missile story.

First mentions that the Scud Missiles are still currently in transit and have yet to be received by Hezbollah.

Syria has not actually delivered Scud missiles, A or SS-1B, to the Hizballah in Lebanon - only positioned them on the border ready for transit at a moment's notice - and taught two Hizballah brigades how to use them, debkafile's military sources report in the wake of a flurry of press reports, according to which these ground missiles have already been smuggled into Lebanon in violation of UN resolutions.

It was Syria's turn this time to answer the report and it denied the reports and maybe providing the opening for burying the controversial story.

Syria strongly denied the charge, saying it ''believes that Israel aims through these claims to further strain the atmosphere in the region,'' according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry. It added that Israel could be setting the stage for a possible ''Israeli aggression in order to run away from the requirements of a just and comprehensive peace.''

Hezbollah however seemingly did not follow the script and admitted the transfer of weapons.

Hizbullah sources confirmed Thursday that the terror group received a shipment of Scud missiles from Syria, the Kuwaiti paper Al-Rai reported.

They made it clear though that the material was unusable and that Israel blew the entire thing out of proportion.

According to the report, the missiles were claimed to be old and unusable. Hizbullah also accused Israel of blowing the incident out of proportion in order to provoke a media ruckus.


Amidst the confusion on whether the story was exaggerated or the weapons were of use anyway, the fact remains that:

1. Weapons were transferred or are being transferred as of this time.

2. These acts endanger Jews and Palestinians since such weapons can easily reach that region.

3. mentions that these are in violations of UN Resolutions.

There could be more to these Scud Missiles than meets the eye. Even those holding it can't get their stories straight. Like a bunch of kids getting their hands caught in the cookie jar.