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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Terrorist Minds #1: Somalia: The World's Preview to Radical Islam Rule

The ongoing bullying of Somalia by radical Muslims is a preview of what their rule will be like if countries like the United Kingdom continue to appease them in the name of political correctness. It is neither correct or politically wise.

Somalia in fact is a growing crisis that must be addressed not just by the United States but also by the UN Security Council and NATO. It is country worse than North Korea and Iran. It is a very dangerous place and we have been treated to the most weird and violent laws we have ever seen. This a preview to the world of what it will be like under their rule:

- Ban on silver and gold teeth

- Ban on Melodic Ringtones

- Ban on movies

- They have to inspect women if they are wearing so called "deceptive" bras

- They ban the World Food Program

- Ban on video games

- Ban of English and science lessons

- Ban on the BBC

- Ban on Butchers

- Ban of music on radio stations

- Ban on school bells

- Repression of personal lives by being beaten for missing prayers, having western haircuts or women leaving without a head covering

It seems the radical Islamic group has this mission of plunging their world back tot he stone age.