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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Difference Between the Rogues: Iran and North Korea

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just recently announced that by their own estimates, North Korea has about 6 nuclear weapons as of this time.

In a rare reference by the chief US diplomat to the number of weapons held by North Korea, Clinton said Pyongyang had "between one and six nuclear weapons."
from the AFP

North Korea having nuclear weapons is not news anymore to the whole world. In 2006, North Korea has claimed that it has tested nuclear weapons and that Japan and the US has both stated that at that time an earthquake has been recorded that could give credence to this claim. In 2009, it tested a second bomb.

Now one has to wonder why the US and other world leaders react differently when it comes to Iran and North Korea as to the issue of nuclear weapons? Both are rogue states and both are outwardly violating UN regulations. Both face UN sanctions but you sense the feeling that Iran is the more immediate concern than the Northern Korean regime.

The world is concerned with North Korea and rightly so. But I think that the world is correct as well to be more wary of the present Iranian regime. Unlike North Korea, Iran has a strong ideological agenda.

North Korea you see uses its nuclear weapons more or at least at this point as a deterrent to other world powers. They also use their nuclear technology for business purposes, supplying other countries or organizations (even terrorists) with the technology as long as the price is right. It also uses it for future purposes like a conflict with Japan or South Korea. So Primarily, North Korea has nuclear weapons as a means for power and economic trade.

Now Iran has a completely and more dangerous purpose. The present Iranian regime just like other jihadist organizations aims to produce nuclear weapons not for defense, or to secure power or even to gain more money. Iran has nuclear weapons so it can use it against its enemies, the Western world and Israel. This is the Iranian world view and a chaotic world is more to Iran's liking since the present regime holds to the religious idea that their messiah, the 12th imam, will rise if they induce war in this world. However; the mainstream media plays the Iranian agenda, this is the truth and the world better be wary before everything goes out of hand.

While North Korea will be content with the present world, Iran isn't and would like to usher in their dangerous idea of the future so they could get their so-called paradise.