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Monday, April 12, 2010

What Must Not Happen at the Nuclear Summit

I was quietly watching the BBC channel today and listening to their primer on the Nuclear Summit in Washington. After the usual review of world news about the topic, it mentions that one of the agenda in the summit is the review of related UN resolutions. In the BBC website itself there was a substantial coverage to such an issue and pointing at Iran, North Korea and of course Israel as non-signatories to the Nuclear Proliferation for the Treaty. While the former two countries are openly violating any nuclear treaty and thus would not sign, Israel has a very different reason. Opening up information on whether it has nuclear weapons or not (they categorically will neither confirm nor deny possession of nukes), will put the country's security in peril since it is surrounded by its enemies.

The one thing that is scary about this summit and the subsequent discussions on the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty is that such agreements that could be produced would force Israel to reveal nuclear weaponry information, and if they have them, where are they located since it must be inspected. If Obama himself will support this move then it is going to be catastrophic not just for Israel but for the rest of the world since is a potential conflict with UN and world powers that Israel will not compromise and the consequences of such a diplomatic stalemate is too frightening to consider.