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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Month From Now... No Country Will Consider Attacking Iran

Iran has provided another clue of its nuclear capability and if it is true will really have the world on edge. Iranian Atomic Energy deputy chief just sent a warning that the country is now barging into the nuclear club and no one could and should stop it.

Iranian Atomic Energy deputy chief Behzat Sultani said Tuesday that the Islamic Republic will join the "nuclear club" within one month and added, "No country will consider attacking it after that." He provided no further details. Sultani added that 70% of the Arak nuclear reactor has been completed.

Now is this an empty threat? How many warnings have leaders heard and classified them as empty threats and only to wake up one day to a nightmare. 9-11 was a warning years in the making and yet it happened because of the lack of urgency on those who can stop it.