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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Russia Will Push Harder Against Israel in the Upcoming NPT

The Review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty won't start until the month of May in New York but as early as now, Russia is beginning to tighten the screws not only on Israel but also on the United States. Sensing an opening that the United States is slowly changing its foreign policy towards Israel, Russia is now appealing to its Cold War rival to pressure Jewish state not only as regards Jerusalem but also on its nuclear arsenal.

"The United States should, in fact, try to convince Israel to act more responsibly in resolving the Middle-East conflict and with regard to its nuclear arsenals," Pikayev told FNA Wednesday.
source: FARS News Agency

Russia is against stiff sanctions in Iran for its nuclear violations since it is a big supporter of the Islamic state and helps in building their nuclear technology. It seems the strategy now is to slowly take off the eyes of the world on Iran and focus them on Israel as the more immediate danger to the Middle East.