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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

US Distancing Itself from Israel

Is this how you talk to friends?

In an interview with Army Radio, Indyk said that if Israel sees itself as a superpower that does not need any aid from the United States, then it can make its own decisions. However "if you need the United States, then you need to take into account America's interests," said Indyk.

Indyk is saying that that if you want to attack you can go it alone. We won't be on your side this time. What a way to treat an ally you have grown with through the decades. Israel is a country who has fought terrorism with American and has been a constant ally in the the chaotic region of the Middle East.

America is indeed battling in various fronts like Afghanistan and Iraq. But it could have been more if radical Islam does not have pesky Israel to contend with. General Petrause was so wrong when he mentioned that America's friendship with Israel is endangering American soldiers. American soldiers are in danger because this administration does not have a good grasp of who is friend and foe in this conflict!

It seems Starbucks isn't enough to wake up those in the White House these days.