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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Evidence for Israel 4: Michmash

In the amazing book "Wilmington's Guide to the Bible", DR. H. L. WILLMINGTON shares a story of a British soldier named Major Vivian Gilbright recollects that during the first world war, they were victorious in one attack because of the brigade major's knowledge of the Bible.

This story all the more shows how true the Bible is and how it can be seen as a prime evidence that indeed the Israelites were here in ancient times. You can see the story in 1 Samuel 14:1-14.

fromWilmington's Guide to the Bible:

Major Vivian Gilbright, a British army officer, relates an amazing story regarding this passage in his reminiscences about World War I. He writes:

“In the first world war a brigade major in Allenby’s army in Palestine was on one occasion searching his Bible, with the light of a candle, looking for a certain name. His brigade had received orders to take a village that stood on a rocky prominence on the other side of a deep valley. It was called Michmash and the name seemed somehow familiar. Eventually he found it here in First Samuel. The brigade major reflected that there must still be this narrow passage through the rocks, between the two spurs, and at the end of it the ‘half acre of land.’ He woke the commander and they read the passage through together once more. Patrols were sent out. They found the pass, which was thinly held by the Turks, and which led past two jagged rocks-obviously Bozez and Seneh. Up on top, beside Michmash, they could see by the light of the moon a small flat field. The brigadier altered his plan of attack. Instead of deploying the whole brigade, he sent one company through the pass under cover of darkness. The few Turks whom they met were overpowered without a sound, the cliffs were scaled, and shortly before daybreak the company had taken up a position on ‘the half acre of land.’ The Turks woke up and took to their heels in disorder since they thought that they were being surrounded by Allenby’s army. They were all killed or taken prisoner. ‘And so’ (concludes Major Gilbright) ‘after thousands of years British troops successfully copied the tactics of Saul and Jonathan.’”