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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Flotilla Siege is On - There is something disturbing here...

Israeli commandos has now taken over on the controversial Gaza flotilla. Israel's apparent concern over this ship which is said to be full of humanitarian supplies carried by activists is because of the fundamental issue of of Israel's legitimate right to defend itself.

I have posted an analysis of Israel's possible options to this issue aside from intercepting this flotilla. I am beginning to be concerned that there is more to this boat than meets the eye.

There is however some actions that is very disturbing here and it is not just the usual Arab-Israeli posturing before the world media. Netanyahu cancels his trip to Canada and Washington. Turkey' PM Erdogan cancels his Latin American official travel as well and asking for an emergency UN meeting. Ban KIm-Moon of the UN leadership along with Sarkozy of France are up in arms over this apparent aggressive Israeli act.

Just checked up my global cable networks and nothing is on CNN and the BBC? There is apparent lack of urgency as well in the North Korea and South Korea conflict. Isn't being on the brink of war news worthy anymore?