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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why the Barrage of Twitter Posts About The IHH

If you guys were on Twitter and were one of our followers or were just casually searching Google Updates, you might notice that there was a barrage of posts from me about the flotilla incident and the IHH. I then followed this with posts on why Israel was right on storming the flotilla. A total of 57 successive posts were made on these two topics were made (so far) and here are the reasons why:

1. The biggest news media channels, the BBC and CNN, which are available on almost all cable channels around the world like are providing a very biased perspective on the story. The way they treated the story was emotional to say the least but was more propaganda like as well. Even some blogs have a more balanced treatment that these two companies. It seemed that an agenda has been set.

Intellicept3 has been here to fill this void and to report the right perspective about the Middle East conflict.

2. Absent from the report of these two giant stations is an investigation of the relationship of the flotillas and the IHH, classified in the mid-1990s as a terrorist organization. I don't know if CNN or the BBC completely disregarded this little known fact but I have never come hear them mentioning it, at least on the times I watched TV.

3. Finally evil is masking itself in the appearance of being good. The world is being duped by this so-called peaceful agenda of the flotillas. There were other ways to bring aid in that region but this group chose this route knowing fully well that it could provoke international tension and provocation on the part of Israel. A simple question that was never asked was, if you are peace activists, why are you provoking tension when there are other peaceful ways to push your agenda? Or was your agenda was to actually provoke conflict?

I would like everyone who read, kept an open mind, retweeted and sent messages of encouragement. Thank you all!