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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why oh Why South Korea?

No matter where you look at it, South Korea is at the brink of war with North Korea. The outlook in that region is not very good for peace right and tension is building up in that region. This is the same with Israel, as it faces unfair worldwide condemnation on the flotilla incident which we have covered in length this past week. In my mind these two countries should be locked in cooperation right now since they are both democracies, and they share a belief system which has a great relationship with each other.

There is however some disturbing developments coming over the news wires this weekend on how the South Korean government is behaving. It has been known that South Korea has lowered the upcoming status visit of Israeli President Simon Peres It is over fears of how the Palestinian supporters will react to this state visit.

It seems that South Korea is not only being bullied by its brothers in the North but by Muslim extremists as well. This is just a sad thought since if there is any country out there that should understand Israel's situation, it will be the South Koreans. Both countries are under threat by entities whose sole evil intention is to wipe them off the map.

South Korea has lots of born again Christians in their population. Christians in that country should remember that the Lord will bless those who bless Israel. Those who curse the Jewish nation will be curse (see Genesis 12:3). South Korea has a lot of problems right now and they don't need another one to occur.

I can understand Europe or even the US to be duped by this world call for hate against Israel but the South Koreans? While the west are comfortably being duped and bullied by jihadists while sitting in their arm-chairs, South Koreans are literally looking at the barrel of a gun right now just like Israel.

South Korean Christians should remember their mandate from the Lord and pray that their government will have the wisdom to properly respond not only to their own problems but also on how to bless Israel.