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Monday, October 18, 2010

As Europe Embraces Russia and Terrorism Heats Up the Persecuted Ones Bravely Hang Tough

RT @TelegraphNews France and Germany seek to 'anchor Russia to the West' - Telegraph

At Deauville, Europe’s Embrace of Russia Is Apparent

Russia ready to boost ties with Iraq

Critical Russian Newsweek magazine folds

Report: Russian spies get Kremlin's highest honors

Church in Indonesia Forced to Accept Worship Terms of Islamists

Christian in Bhutan Imprisoned for Showing Film on Christ

Pentecostal Pastor Arrested in Karnataka, Christians Say « Persecution News

The story behind the Chilean miners' Jesus T-Shirts – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs via @cnn
Four in New York synagogue bomb plot trial found guilty
NATO claims it is choking off insurgents' supplies
300 families flee military campaign targeting al Qaeda in Yemen - #cnn

Yemen sentences al Qaeda bomb-maker to death
 Germany to 'act' on immigration after Merkel salvo - Hindustan Times
France Asks Airlines to Cut Flights Ahead of Strikes
Drudge_Report REPORT: Al-Qaida Militants Flowing Back Into Afghanistan to Plan New Attacks...

RT @TelegraphNews Cyber attack threat 'could be next Pearl Harbor' - Telegraph
dominionpundit 'Osama in Pak under ISI protection' #tcot #roft #Islam

Radical Islamists aim to infiltrate Hamburg mosques

Not Good at all - Britain's Defense Review And The End Of NATO

BBC News - Sudan objects to UN plans for new border troops

China, Pakistan top irritants: Indian Army chief

RT @TelegraphNews Tower Hamlets extremist vote poses Ed's first big election test..

rodneystack Report: Taliban growing stronger
NATO official: Bin laden, deputy hiding in northwest Pakistan - #cnn

Island row hits Japan tourism to China
Elections monitor: No such entity as Muslim Brotherhood, says NDP official | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Tod..

Berri: As Long As Syrian-Saudi Relation Fine, Lebanon Immune to Civil Strife - Naharnet Newsdesk

UN Hariri tribunal 'will not be stopped': US

Somali government forces take town from Islamist militia