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Monday, October 18, 2010

As the World Hates Israel, the Latter Prepares for the Inevitable War

Worldwide hatred of Israel,7340,L-3970798,00.html

Peres cancels Morocco trip after king denies request to meet

Israel lays foundations for world's largest underground hospital

Netanyahu: We expect aspiring citizens to recognize Jewish state,7340,L-3971386,00.html

Hamas will pay heavy price if it attacks again, IDF source

BBC News - Hamas MP Hathem Qufishe arrested in West Bank

Netanyahu expresses concern for aircraft flying near Gaza

Israel, Gaza: Hamas has antiaircraft missiles, Israel says -

RT @TelegraphNews Israel in talks with Hamas over soldier-prisoner swap - Telegraph

Hamas: 'Israel exaggerating Schalit talks on purpose'

Fatah considering 'stone intifada' in J'lem,7340,L-3970574,00.html

Abbas rebuffs Syria call to continue Palestinian 'resistance' - Haaretz

Abbas weighs opening West Bank to Hamas fighting and intelligence units

Abbas: Netanyahu fears for his government,7340,L-3970764,00.html

IDF: Rifle Nasrallah gave to Ahmadinejad not captured during 2006 war

Israel hails, Palestinians protest OECD Jerusalem meet

Cuban pilots helped 150,000 Jews flee to Israel in 1950s - Haaretz